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If a country is the human body and roads are its blood networks, then without a doubt— trucking industries are the neurotransmitters that carry all the essentials, including oxygen, minerals, and proteins.

Honestly, the reason why we could go big on our beds and tweet regarding everything on the planet is that our trucking industries are in excellent shape and health. Just look around in your room— every single material has a story to tell about the sweat of goods and movement industries and their drivers.

The United States Of America has the largest road networks in the world that are responsible for almost 70% of the goods transactions, across the length and the breadth of the country. Imagine the plight of an average American if the trucks are pulled off the roads just for a day.

What if the trucks went in a complete shutoff

If only we could comprehend the sorry state if trucks stopped for a day or two. Here’re some dreadful stats that we’d never want them to get right.

  • Delivery of all the medical supplies will cease to exist, thereby having an adverse causal reaction on patients.
  • Hospitals will run short of daily disposable essentials like masks and syringes that are often used in numbers.
  • Gas and fuel stations, cars and other means of commutation will run short of energy-sources.
  • Manufacturing units and production houses will have their warehouses full— no new productions would take place.
  • Mail and shopping packages delivery will die if trucks don’t go on a run. Giants like Amazon and Target would succumb in the hands of shutdowns.
  • Food supplies will dwindle, people will run like headless chickens killing & rioting for essentials.
  • Supplies like milk, meat, and canned items will disappear from the retail shelves.
  • No money will be distributed to the crests of the banks. ATMs will run short of cash. You’ll be queueing in long lines in the banks, and that will get over soon.
  • There will be a massive wad of garbage across the urban and suburban areas.
  • Railroads transit will stop because goods that are relayed to rails with the trucks will halt.
  • There will be no trucks to pick the goods from ships, thereby forcing these container ships to stay at the dockyards.

Amid all the economic chaos, trucks ensure the orders. Amid all the unknown— trucks get us the known. Amid all the yin— trucks help us with the yang. Without a doubt— the contribution of our transportation sector is way too significant to measure.

We can measure their total hands in the economy— but if we try to measure their indirect causal impact on the input or the output of any other industry— we’ll choke up in numbers. We challenge you to find us any business that doesn’t involve trucks.


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What are some mind-gripping truck-industry stats

Well, we have some jaw-dropping stats encircling around the goods and movement industry. The industry has a large footprint that affects almost every individual directly or indirectly. Here’s the list of some whooping stats which will hit your head like a bolt from the blue.

  • The US had sold more than 0.2 million of industrial trucks in 2015 alone. It’s a humongous number for the heavy-motor automobile industries.
  • From 2010 to 2015, the number of truck employment has gone up by 4.5%.
  • The industry employs close to 7 million people, which was only 1.8 million in 2006.
  • Also, known as the thriving blue-collar industry, it has a decent average wage of $52,000. These wages are good numbers for sustaining life and family.
  • The industry adds more than $30 billion in the economy through jobs.
  • In the US alone, trucks carry goods worth more than $721 billions.
  • Trucks carry 91% of lumbers and woods, 83% of all the agricultural products, more than 92% of the prepared foods, dairy, and canned items, and 65% of the pharmaceutical products.

The numbers are staggering, considering how they are ingrained in our systems, and how we take them for granted. But guess what— the trucking industry isn’t looking to get our respect as it will keep on working and transforming our lives around.

So, why haven’t other modes of transportation haven’t picked up the race yet?

Rails are cheaper, but lag convenience for meeting deadlines and catering friendly services, whereas air services are timely-met but put holes in the pockets. Railroads moved $174 billion in 2017, and air-freight was around $44 billion in the same period.

Trucks play as the balancers between roads and airlines— where they offer timely-services at a cost-efficient budget. The entire supply chain equation is scheduled around the truck industry, and it’s flexible if you want your store racks to be filled as per your need.

The freights on the other routes like pipelines and vessels have undoubtedly surged up; however, they don’t seem to replace the evergreen trucking-geniuses.

The trucking industry works as a silver bullet against global pandemics.

With CoronaVirus screaming into our ears loud and hard— the industrial trucks have gone silver bullets to save us from the pandemic. The outbreak has forced the movement of immediate medical and sanitizing facilities like COVID-test kits, protective masks, safety gears, sanitizers, toilet rolls, and cleansing agents.

When every business had to comply with the government’s lockdown rules, the trucking industry was given a complete charge to fight off Corona amid the containment.

The regulations in trucking services— are they safe?

We believe that the entire political spectrum is so dependent on the transportation industry that a slight delay in the delivery of essentials like fuel and milk can soar-up the prices, and topple the government. Also, the public safety surrounding heavy motor trucks has always been a part of heated political discussions.

To clean the public image of trucking at the federal, state, and local level— the government imposes many regulations. These regulations have everything to do with safe driving practices, speed limit, public safety, etc. As America follows nation-wide standards— the truck industries have gone far more reliable in the last two decades.

Shamrock Express— your logistic partner

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