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Shamrock Express is proud to offer premium drayage services no matter where you plan to ship across the country. Headquartered in Jacksonville, FL we are in one of the biggest and fastest growing logistics hubs in the US. Find the resources and expertise you need all in one place, with a credible reputation from over 30 years of hard earned experience.

On-Time Deliveries, Happy Customers

Any company can offer standard drayage services. But, what about the unique needs of each individual client?

Luck doesn’t just happen. We believe in creating the luck! With drayage, it takes a team of dedicated professionals and considering all possible solutions to tailor a plan that ensures a fail proof supply chain. At Shamrock Express, we pride ourselves with having the insight to guide your shipments with precise management, reliable equipment and carriers that get the job done safely.

Discover everything you need all in one place. From specialized routes to dry vans, temperature control and reliable drivers, know that drayage is our specialty, no matter the circumstances of your shipment.


Today, technological advancements have made the transportation of goods more efficient, economical and in many cases, a more environmentally friendly prospect. At Shamrock Express, our dedicated logistics experts utilize the flexibility and convenience of intermodal solutions to make shipping cost-effective and stress free for you.

What We Offer.

Our intermodal drayage services are at the forefront of the logistics industry. We have access to all major rail ramps and ports, giving your freight a solid starting point before embarking to the final destination.
No matter the size of your load, it can easily be transferred between truck, railroad, air and ocean carriers to save time and reduce fuel costs. Little handling is required, so your packages remain sealed, intact and safe from theft.


We handle all import/export shipping containers, including 20-foot, 40-foot and 53-foot railroad shipping containers.

As well, when you want to keep things moving along smoothly, but need a safe location for your containers, we offer prime container storage in Jacksonville. Our facility will hold onto your shipping containers as long as you require.

Courtesy You Can Count On.

We strive to make our customers happy. That’s why our No. 1 priority is phenomenal customer service that keeps our partners coming back.
With the transportation industry being marked by the shortage of drivers, the reduced capacity of cargo trucks, and rising fuel costs, the demand for reliable modes of transportation continues to grow. At Shamrock Express, we can meet those demands head on with strategies that produce results. Contact us today with your questions.

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